Simple form to capture the 3 cardinal variables




and the binary variable which will control whether or not your browser's cache will be disabled.


Primary workhorse of QD-pop.  This script will

      delete 0 or 1 message, then

      display a button to generate a new message, then

      fetch the most recent (0 up to) 10 message headers, then

      display those headers, along with buttons to

         read a specific message

         delete a specific message, and finally

      display a button to fetch the next 10 headers.


Fetches a single message from the POPserver and displays it. Provides buttons to return to previous page, delete current message, or generate a reply to it.


Allows the user to fill in/modify message headers and to enter the body of the outgoing mail message. When called from getMsg.pl, the headers are pre-filled with default values, but there is no attempt at forwarding the actual text of the index message. When called from qdpop.pl, only the return address is generated.


Sends the message generated by makeReply.pl. It accepts no input from the user other than an "OK" button which returns the user to qdpop.pl

This file must be modified by the local QD-POP 2.1 administrator! The variable $SMTPserver is undefined in this distribution. The administrator must set the name or IP number of the local SMTP server within the double quotes associated with the first occurance of this variable.